20 jun. 2011

Special Bangkok, for Patt...

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As we already had a good view of Thai life thanks to a very special new year's eve in Patt's family more than a year ago, we only went across Thailand and stayed for a few days in Bangkok, central hub with plenty of cheap flight connections to other Asian countries. The plan was: Angkor-Bangkok by bus, Bangkok-Yangon-Bangkok by plane, and finally Bangkok-New Delhi by plane, no return...

First of all the visas, as we needed one for both Myanmar and India. No problem to get a quick Myanmar visa, the embassy was quite empty (in spite of traveller's advices to arrive well in advance), and paying a bit more we could get a visa the same day. It was more complicated for the Indian visa, as they needed at least 5 open days. And to be honest we totally forgot this detail, and only had one day transit on the way back. Once more we were lucky as we could do it in Myanmar, the consul let us the passports during the whole process so we could keep travelling without waiting in Yangon (in Myanmar you always have to bring an ID with you).

Once we made the paperwork we could enjoy a few days in a big city: modern Bangkok is quite amazing when you come from small cities of south east Asia... So we did what we almost never do at home, i.e. spending a whole day in a huge mall, eating at Mc Donald, and watching the last Pirates of the Caraibes in the newest cinema in town. Sometimes it's good to have some comfort and technology! Just having wifi in the hotel was a big improvement after our stay in Myanmar, and we spent almost a day charging photos and updating the blog.

As we already knew the loud night life in the backpackers zone of Khaosan Rd, we chose to stay a bit further, in Sam Sen Rd, much quieter and with a delicious Chinese restaurant on the way. I think it is the only place where we ate three times in the whole trip! Prawns with basil and chili, duck in soy sauce, morning glory with garlic, and so on... We didn't go shopping as it's almost the same tee-shirts, bags and shoes from one year to another, and we somehow got tired of the street shops. And now we are used to travel without buying anything at all!

Mario finally decided to make a tattoo, in a safe place following Patt's advice. You need somebody who understands English well if you don't want to end with a big dragon on your shoulder! He chose a small and personal drawing, quite complicated to explain but the result was good. A bit more than one hour work, seemed to hurt quite a lot... I wanted one on the foot (Patt, remember the japonese flowers?) but it was too visible and I finally decided that one was enough for a life.

De Bangkok

The best in Bangkok was meeting Patt after such a long time, and going together for a few drinks in Khaosan. Just missing Xavi... A lot to share since the last time we met in Spain, before we started travelling. But this time we will be almost be at the same time in Girona, to enjoy together the Costa Brava during summer!

De Bangkok

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